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    Nineteen Ways of Looking brings together composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman, counter tenor Keith Pun, Chinese writer Chen Si’an and choreographer Si Rawlinson to create an Instagram Opera. Responding to the portrayal of and prejudice displayed towards people of Chinese and East Asian heritage in the West during the COVID-19 pandemic, this multidisciplinary work explores nineteen different perspectives that relate to isolation, media and mental health. These will be presented on social media as a moving image or still photography, accompanied by various combinations of music, dance and spoken word. Shot entirely on camera phone, each Instagram ‘square’ will contain a miniature chapter of this semi-linear narrative, unfolding post by post, unravelling in real time for viewers.

    London-born British-Malaysian artist + composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman brings together the contemporary classical, electronics and sound art worlds to create powerful soundscapes and musical identities. A regular collaborator across various art forms including dance, word, film and VR, her music explores otherness, memory and plays with a sense of narrative. Activism also has an important place within her music and wider creative work; she is equally passionate about gender and racial equality and empowering others within the industry and beyond.

    The 4th of six CAN digital commissions, Nineteen Ways of Looking is co-commissioned with the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA)



    Composer: Jasmin Kent Rodgman

    Librettist: Si’an Chen (translated by Alice Xin Liu)


    Director: Jasmin Kent Rodgman

    Dramaturg: Jude Christian


    Executive Producer: Jasmin Kent Rodgman

    Producer: Treacle Holasz

    Assistant Producer: Maria Guy


    DOP, Photographer & Editor: Ning Zhou


    Choreography and Movement: Si Rawlinson

    Filmed by Si Rawlinson

    Additional Editing (Isolation, We Can Be Quiet) by Si Rawlinson


    Countertenor: Keith Pun

    Recorded by Keith Pun

    Filmed by Keith Pun and Sawako Kayaki


    Contralto: Hildur Berglind Arndal

    Recorded by Daniel Bøgh Nielsen

    Filmed by Hildur Berglind Arndal


    We Can Be Quiet: written and performed by Si Rawlinson

    Featuring improvisation by David Austin Grey


    Pangolin Skin: Part II written and performed by Dan Tsu


    Narration: Clare Taylor, Reylon Yount, Jasmin Kent Rodgman


    Designer: Anushka Tay

    Food Stylist: Premila van Ommen


    Musicians: Jasmin Kent Rodgman, Reylon Yount and Beibei Wang


    Additional Voice: Mia Foo, Momoko Gill, Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka, Oliver Loi-Koe, Tetsuro Miyazaki, Jasmin Kent Rodgman, Peayin Tan


    Models: Mia Foo, Angela Hui, Oliver Loi-Koe, Clare Taylor, Dan Tsu, Reylon Yount


    Audio Description by Anne Hornsby