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    陈思安作为此次委约驻地编剧,前往英国纽卡斯尔在合作方Live剧院进行驻地。Live剧院艺术总监 Joe Douglas 同时担任此次陈思安委约创作短剧的导演。陈思安创作的最新短剧《海水火锅》于2019年8月15日在爱丁堡国际戏剧节进行展演。


    The Royal Court Theatre returns to the Edinburgh International Festival for a major new residency that will culminate in a week of lunchtime performances of new short plays written by some of the most significant international new voices. The five writers from Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Syria will share urgent perspectives from across the world on the global climate crisis through plays specially commissioned to premiere at the festival.


    2019年 爱丁堡戏剧节版
    Written by CHEN Si’an (陈思安)
    Translated by Jeremy Tiang (程异)
    Directed by Joe Douglas

    Edinburgh Festival Studio Theatre

    15 August, 12 noon


    An idyllic island in the midst of boiling oceans. Hot enough to cook a hotpot. One maverick entrepreneur sees a development opportunity and begins to devise the most absurd schemes for environmental protection.
    Cast includes David K.S.Tse, Jeremy Ang Jones.