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    Royal Court Theatre's first ever programme of plays by Chinese playwrights was a unique opportunity for British audiences to hear from a generation of writers who have grown up in a transforming nation. The Royal Court’s International Department first began working in China in 2015, travelling the country to discover some of the most exciting new writers. Fifteen young playwrights took part in workshops in Chengdu, Beijing and Wuzhen over a two year period addressing subjects they felt it was urgent to write about in contemporary China.

    Three of those writers, CHEN Si’an (陈思安), YANG Jingguan (杨静观) and ZHANG Zai (张在) worked with Royal Court directors and a company of actors over two weeks in London. The plays were then presented as rehearsed readings in English translation. The voices of three Chinese female writers express with power, humour and originality surprising insights into fascinating and fast changing society.


    2018年 英国皇家宫廷剧院 剧读表演版
    Written by CHEN Si’an (陈思安)
    Translated by Jeremy Tiang (程异)

    The Royal Court Theatre
    Tue 4 Dec, 6.15pm & Wed 5 Dec, 8.15pm


    In the depths of a Beijing underpass, a homeless mother struggles to protect her child. A disturbing panorama of the city’s hidden underside, that asks urgent questions about the value of human lives in an urban jungle.

    Cast: Kirsten Foster, Stephen Hoo, Sarah Lam, Kwong Loke and Owl Young.
    Running time: approx. 85 mins (with no interval)